Rock Island - West Yard

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Kevin Leyerle’s Rock Island, West Yard

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The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad (RI) had a large presence in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma serving many customers. Oklahoma City wasn’t a Division Terminal but still had many yard jobs working around the clock. One such job was known as the “West Yard Job”.

That name originated when RI predecessor Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad built through Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. RI had locations known as “East Yard” (the main switching yard later named Harter Yard), “Middle Yard” and “West Yard”. It’s interesting that Middle Yard and West Yard weren’t actually yards at all in the conventional sense but were industrial switching areas.

My West Yard consists of a Main Line, a Passing Track, an Interchange Track (with the Frisco) and four (4) Industry Spurs. A good Switchman can get the work done in about an hour and half.
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Layout at a Glance 
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Layout at a glance
  • O Scale
  • Layout occupies a small (10’ x 10’) home office
  • Height is 52 inches
  • Time frame is circa 1976
  • Easy DCC Control System
  • Switching operation within Yard Limits
  • Locomotives are sound equipped
  • Must use stairs to access main level of house
Jobs on the Layout 
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Jobs on the Layout
  • Oklahoma City Yard/Industry Switch Engine – Can be operated with one or two person crew.
About the Layout Owner 
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About the Layout Owner
I have been active in model railroading since 1977. I primarily model in HO scale but have also done some modeling in O scale’

I currently work as a Locomotive Engineer for a class one railroad. I’ve been working on 1:1 scale railroads since 1987.

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Map and Directions to the Layout

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