Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway

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Bob Willer’s Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway

Depicts “The Northwest’s Own Railway” operations circa 1967. This HO-scale railroad represents parts of four SP&S subdivisions: from Wishram, Washington, west and south (the Oregon Trunk) and the Goldendale branch.

Focus is on prototype Time Table and Train Order operations and traffic, though we still hope to some day have scenery which will beautifully represent the magnificent Pacific North West.

System Map
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Layout at a Glance 
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Layout at a glance
  • Scale: HO
  • Size and Design: 32’ x 52’ partial double deck, hidden staging
  • Locale, Era: North Bank, Columbia River Gorge, 1967
  • Throttle system: EasyDCC with T1300E throttles, 100% sound equipped
  • Scale Clock Speed: 3:1
  • Dispatching: Timetable and Train Order
  • Crew Size: 11 or 12
Jobs on the Layout 
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Jobs on the Layout
Dispatcher – Using prototype timetable (modified for the model railroad) and train orders. In order to provide the best operating experience for all, this job will normally be filled by an experienced local dispatcher.

Division Point Operator – Copies train orders from dispatcher and writes clearances for the four division points on the railroad. Also functions as crew caller.

Agent-Operator – Copies train orders from dispatcher and writes clearances for the intermediate points on the railroad. Also functions as station agent for most towns on the model railroad, writing switch lists for local crews.

Wishram Yardmaster – (footboard) Makes up local trains, classifies cars east, west, and south.

Wishram Engineman

Road crews – operating local, mixed and through freights and two daily passenger trains each way.

About the Layout Owner 
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About the Layout Owner
Bob was born and raised in Kansas City. He has been involved in prototypical operations on model railroads since the middle 1970s, when he lived in suburban Chicago and began operating with friends in an operating group known as RailGroup.

Bob’s interest in railroading began in early childhood, with Sunday afternoon visits to the GM&O near his grandparents’ home in Higginsville, Missouri, and with Lionel.

Map and Directions to the Layout

You can click on the “show directions” tab to print directions from the host hotel to the layout. Or you can download them in Apple Maps or Google Maps on your portable device.