Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, Omaha Division

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James McCroskie’s Chicago Burlington & Quincy, Omaha Division

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Layout is in a 22' x 40' basement. Access is through stairs in garage.

Layout is around the walls with a 15' x 30' wide section running down the middle of the layout. Railroad is 48" to 52" high. The south end of the layout is 6 track staging yard which is Kansas City staging.

The north end of the layout is Omaha with 7 staging tracks.

The layout has 7 areas: Omaha, Hamburg, Craig, Forest City, Nodaway, St. Joseph Yard and Oak Creek Industrial Park.

All of the town sites are working locations (Hamburg is the exception and is only a station stop).

My layout's command system is an older system called CTC-80. It is a very good system for running trains. Sorry - no sound.

The CB&Q’s Oak Creek Industrial Park was featured in the April 2006 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.

(click picture below to download the RMC article (PDF, 26 mb)
Layout at a Glance 
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Layout at a glance
  • HO
  • 22 feet by 40 feet
  • CBQ 1968
  • KC to Omaha
  • Walk around
  • Main line run 450 feet
  • Maximum grade 1.2 percent
  • Height 52 inches
  • Track type single main line run with CTC signals
  • 95% scenicked
  • CTC 80
  • Access to railroad through garage down steps
  • Car cards and waybills
  • CTC signalled
  • 9 Operators
  • Dispatcher
  • St. Joseph yardmaster
  • Omaha industrial switcher
  • Oak Creek industrial switcher
  • 5 road crew
Jobs on the Layout 
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Jobs on the Layout
The CB&Q Omaha Division is fully CTC railroad using Larry Keeler's signal system.

The railroad uses 9 operators to run all jobs.

Permanent jobs on the railroad include:
- Dispatcher
- Omaha switch engine
- St. Joseph yardmaster
- Oak Creek switcher

Five operators run mainline freight and passenger trains. There are two locals:
- Kansas City to St. Joseph and return
- Omaha to St. Joseph and return
About the Layout Owner 
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About the Layout Owner
I spent 36 years working on the railroad. When I started, I was a yard clerk for the CB&Q and finished my career has a BN railroad police. I clerked on the Q for 11 years.

In 1971 I switched to being a railroad special agent. I retired in 1995.
More about the Layout 

More About the Layout

I am very fond of animation on the railroad. I have several grade crossings with flashing lights, bells ringing, and gates which operate.

All of the these grade crossing actions are built into the signal system and operate with prototype action.

Photo Gallery

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Agro Fertilizer at the south end of St. Joseph
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Bridge at Nodaway
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Craig Depot
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Craig Depot
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CTC board
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Dinos Diner at Hamburg, Iowa
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Forest City church
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Forest City industries
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Forest City, Missouri
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Goodson Grain at Craig, Missouri
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Bridge at Hamburg, Iowa
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Herring Sales at Oak Creek
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James McCroskie working the Oak Creek Switcher
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Kulery Sheet Rock - a new industry
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Mobase Chemical
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Newly lighted crossing and instrument shed
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Nodaway Lumber Supply
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Oak Creek Switcher near Mobase
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Oak Creek Switcher
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Omaha industries
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Omaha industries
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Omaha industries
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Pratt and Lambert at Oak Creek
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Ralston Purina at Oak Creek
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Seminole Produce Co. at Mobase, Missouri
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Sioux Railway working at Forest City
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St. Joseph engine terminal
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St. Joseph yard throat
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St. Joseph yard
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Street running at Oak Creek
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Wayne Feeds at Nodaway
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Work crew at Forest City

Map and Directions to the Layout

You can click on the “show directions” tab to print directions from the host hotel to the layout. Or you can download them in Apple Maps or Google Maps on your portable device.