Union Pacific - Wyoming Third Subdivision

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Michael Borkon’s - Union Pacific - Wyoming Third Subdivision

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Overland route of Union Pacific through southwest Wyoming from Rawlins to Green River set in the height of motive power transition in 1956. Double track mainline action with Steam, diesel and turnbine power under ABS control. Operations include passenger and freight traffic, local operations and yard service.

The Green River yard has a locomotive servicing area, coach yard and east and west freight car classification section, the latter has the capacity to hold 400 cars. The mid 1950’s were also a time for passenger service including both City and secondary passengers. Eighteen passenger trains plus second sections and extras run during a 24 hour period, many of which require headend work in Green River.
Layout at a Glance 
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Layout at a glance
  • HO scale with Digitrax control
  • Mainline is ABS semaphore signaled
  • 70 percent of layout has scenery
  • Rule 251 current of traffic with center passing sidings
  • Nearly 500 feet of linear double track mainline
  • City and secondary train UP passenger service
  • Prototype operations based on prototype based on actual dispatcher sheets on third sub from October, 1956
  • Industry switching includes stock, coal and soda ash mines, Sinclair oil job, and G.R.I.D.
  • Green River yard is center of action and requires 5 operators
Jobs on the Layout 
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Jobs on the Layout
  • Green River yard (5): Yard master, east and west-end crew, Hostler, coach yard
  • Mainline crews (5): City and secondary passenger traffic along with freight (perishable and manifest) trains between Laramie and Ogden/Pocatello staging areas
  • Local crews (5): Stock loader, Sinclair oil, Superior mine, FMC soda ash, Rawlins turn
  • G.R.I.D. (2): Green River Industrial district with large UPRR Freight House and local industrial outlets coupled with Central Packers of Wyoming requires coordinated and friendly two-person crew operations
  • Dispatcher (1)

Photo Gallery

  •  Green River Roundhouse

    Green River Roundhouse

  •  Green River Yard

    Green River Yard

  •  Packing Plant at Green River

    Packing Plant at Green River

  •  Portion of Dispatcher's Display

    Portion of Dispatcher's Display

  •  Bitter Creek

    Bitter Creek

  •  Castle Rock

    Castle Rock

  •  View from Bridge

    View from Bridge

  •  GR Bridge

    GR Bridge

  •  Superior Mine

    Superior Mine

Map and Directions to the Layout

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