Colorado joint line

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Dave Acheson’s Colorado Joint Line

HO scale, 1970's Pueblo, Co to Denver's 38th St Yard. Branch line to Golden, CO, home of Coor's Beer.

Run ATSF, BN, DRGW, and RI trains. See unit coal trains and unit grain trains. Coors special Insulated Box cars (18).

Work locals on the RI, ATSF and DRGW.
Layout at a Glance 
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Layout at a glance
  • HO scale
  • CTC-80 still working well.
  • Radios available.
  • Scenery 99% done.
  • Larkspur bridge and Palmer Lake are new.
  • Sugar Beet train is in season.
Jobs on the Layout 
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Jobs on the Layout
  • Two yards..38th Street, and Rice Yard. (3 yard jobs)
  • Coors yard, with Coors painted engine. (2 operators)
  • Locals, through trains
  • short Limon to Colorado Springs RI train
  • Sugar train
  • Coal train (C.S.D.of P.U.) train, BN coal
  • ATSF grain train, etc.
About the Layout Owner 
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About the Layout Owner
Where did I get the idea of the Joint Line? I was born in Chicago, lived down state 18 years....nope, no Colorado experience.

I traveled as a "zipper" salesman and the boss gave me new territory....Colorado! I am a ATSF fan, so I tend to run a few too many Santa Fe trains.
More about the Layout 

More About the Layout

Large crew quarters!

Photo Gallery

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Dave Acheson (Achie-Bob) at Golden, CO - Coors Beer
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Coor's switcher
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Coor's Bulk Plant, Glass Lining Plant, and Can Plant
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Power Plant to the right, Coor's brewery on the left
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Color’s can plant
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Downtown Denver, 38th Street Yard
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38th St. Yards, Denver, Co., 23rd St. is in the background
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38th Street Yard, Denver
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Goodson Elevator and Silver Cup Bread mill
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Rice Yards and Acheson Gas Co. home offices
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South Denver business district
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Steel and Iron Works and Edward F. Decline Co.
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Gates Rubber Plant
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Con Agra Grain
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Big Lift auto unloading tracks
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Conoco Refinery at Big Lift
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"The Falls" Castle Rock, CO
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Great Western Sugar Plant, (sugar beets), Castle Rock, CO.
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Ralston Purina, Castle Rock
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Larkspur bridge
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CSDPU pwer
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John Breau And Sons Fertilizers and Chemicals Spruce, CO
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GFC Grain Colorado Springs
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Downtown Colorado Springs
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Me at the board (old radio term)

Map and Directions to the Layout

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